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Relevant Journals in My Field

The list below includes only some of the scholarly journals that may have published scholarship relevant to students’ research projects in rhetoric, composition, literacies, and new media. Don’t be intimidated by the size of the list. Not every journal will be relevant to every course or project. I will help direct you to the most fruitful ones for your project.

Some of the journals listed below are open-access (available on the regular Web); some are closed-access (available to library subscribers). The St. Edward’s library does not necessarily subscribe to all of the closed-access journals listed here (or to all volumes of a particular journal), but, through the magic of Interlibrary Loan, the librarians can help you get your hands on most articles, so long as you have a citation.

You can search for (mostly) closed-access journals in the Library catalog. You can also search the directory of open-access journals, which of course will limit your results to open-access journals only.

I can, and will, help you dig.

CompPile, ERIC

Lists of Predatory Journals and Publishers

  • Watch out for predatory journals, which are part of “Fake Academia.” Predatory journals are phony pseudo-journals that publish any old nonsense, often for a large fee. Predatory journals “publish work without proper peer review and . . . charge scholars sometimes huge fees to submit [work] . . . These journals and publishers cheapen intellectual work by misleading scholars, preying particularly [on] early career researchers trying to gain an edge.” Lists of possibly predatory journals and publishers can be found on the Stop Predatory Journals website, as can a list of “hijacked” journals. Not all fields are afflicted with the predatory journal problem to the same extent, but you should always watch for the signs of possible predatory journals.

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MLA Citation Help

MLA citation format is not the only (or best) system of documentation, but it is widely used, especially in the humanities.