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Writing for the Ear

Recording Screencasts

Sharing Files with Privacy Control (or not, as you choose)

Graphics and Videos

GIF Makers

Taking Screenshots

Royalty-Free Images (still have to cite)

  • Where to download public-domain images by Hillary K. Grigonis NB: Make sure that you understand the particular status of the particular images you intend to use. Be sure to credit.
  • Pexels (be sure to pay attention to the license)
  • Unsplash (be sure to pay attention to the license)

Royalty-Free Music (still have to cite)

Remixable Assets

  • Creative Commons (” Non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share.”)


Paper Prototyping and Storyboarding Help

Ideas for Genres

Websites and Interactive

Infographics and Posters

Audio Editing (free)