Digital Writing Examples

This page collects examples of interesting and effective digital writing. As a WordPress page, this page is not a great example itself of digital writing, but I hope that you find the linked examples instructive, interesting, or inspiring.

Send me examples: drewml at stedwards dot edu. Let me know if any links are broken.

  • New Media Writing Prize Shortlists and Winners [great resource; hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • These 3 Supertrees Can Protect Us From Climate Collapse [hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • The Deep Sea  Scroll down…and down…. [hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • Nuclear Dissent Interactive documentary about the effects of nuclear-weapon testing as well as “activism that shaped the future” [Hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • Public by Default Examples and stories of publicly available, intimate data of Venmo users, most of whom don’t change the default settings on a financial app. [Hat tip: Eric Detweiler]
  • 17776, or What Football Will Look Like in the Future Not really about football. Summarized on Wikipedia here, but summaries are pale shadows. Experience it.
  • Robot-Readable World “This is a short film, an experiment in machine-vision footage. It uses found-footage from computer vision research to explore how machines are making sense of the world.”
  • Bear 71 “The intersection between humans, animals and technology”
  • Poppy “POPPY Interactive takes you on an eye-opening journey that reveals how drug money destabilizes entire countries, fuels global conflicts, and allows a worldwide illegal economy to grow.”
  • Lost and Found “Discover a black-and-white era in full color.” [Hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • Migration Trail Uses interactive maps to illustrate migration into Europe. Based on real accounts.
  • I Spy With My Machine Eye  “The first fiction film shot entirely using preprogramed drones . . . presents a near-future love story set against the fears and wonders of an impending drone age.” [Description by; Hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • Raising a Teenage Daughter A mother describes some experiences raising a teenage daughter and the daughter offers comments and corrections. [Hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • New Horizons’ Pluto Flyby  Interactive visualization and images of NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft’s flyby of Pluto. [Hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • Generation Screwed “Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.” [Hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • The Gathering Cloud “Aims to address the environmental impact of so-called ‘cloud’ computing by calling attention to the materiality of the clouds in the sky. Both are commonly perceived to be infinite resources, at once vast and immaterial; both, decidedly, are not.” [Hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • Welcome to Pinepoint “Imagine your hometown never changed. That no one ever grew old or moved on. Part book, part film, part family photo album, Welcome to Pine Point unearths a place frozen in time and discovers what happens when an entire community is erased from the map.” [Hat tip: Casey Boyle]
  • Dirty John Blends podcast, text, and images. From the Los Angeles Times. [Hat tip: David Elder]
  • Jimmy V’s ESPYs Speech, Annotated. From ESPN. Annotated speech by late basketball coach Jim Valvano. “If you laugh, you think and you cry, that’s a full day.” [Hat tip: David Elder]
  • The Uber Game “Can you make it in the gig economy?” [Hat tip: Daniel Smith]
  • The Evolution of Trust  [Hat tip: Daniel Smith]
  • Life in camps: The Rohingya crisis. Interactive graphics and text explain the plight of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.  [Hat tip: Daniel Smith]
  • Making it Big. Visualization and data showing how unlikely it is that any band will succeed, even a band able to headline a small venue in NYC. [Hat tip: Daniel Smith]
  • Are Pop Lyrics Getting More Repetitive? [Hat tip: Daniel Smith]
  • The 100 Best TV Episodes of the Century [Hat tip: David Elder]
  • Artist Survival Simulator