PDF Format Rules


If I ask you to submit a project as a PDF so I can mark it using my tablet and stylus, please follow these formatting rules. I may ask you to submit work in various forms, including Google Docs, etc. Just see the assignment itself–it’ll tell you what format to use. These rules apply when I specifically say so.


On a 10″ tablet with a stylus that works like a marker, the typical “school paper” format is too constraining, but a format that is too open looks wonky.

I’m trying to save my eyesight, take advantage of the tablet’s display of documents in my PDF app, have students produce reasonably attractive documents, and leave myself enough room to write comments with the stylus.  Hence, these rules:

Rules for Electronic Documents for Dr. Loewe

  1. Please use a 14-point font. Remember that I am viewing your work on a 10″ tablet, not on a huge computer monitor, so the bigger font helps me to read your work. Use any reasonable font that reads well on a screen and doesn’t look primitive or weird.
  2. 1.2 line-spacing (so, not double-spaced, but a little more open than single-spaced).
  3. 1.0-inch top and bottom margins; 1.5-inch left and right margins (so I have room for comments and marks); left-justified text.
  4. Page numbers: yes
  5. Indented paragraphs
  6. One space between sentences, not two.
  7. I love headings. I often require them. Make them bold. No other emphasis is necessary. Align headings with paragraphs (i.e., no centering).
  8. No underlining, no ALL CAPS.

Here is an example of how you format a PDF for me.

Please feel free to ask me questions about any of this.