Preparing for Advising Appointment

I want our advising time together to be productive and I want to clear you to register (by giving you a PIN code to use in myHilltop) without delays. For those things to happen, you must prepare for your advising appointment. Please follow these steps so that I can clear you to register:

Step 1: Schedule Appointment. Schedule an appointment with me online using my link.

screenshot of page for drew loewe

We will meet in my office (Sorin 102). Please write down your appointment date and time.

Step 2: Review the Canvas “course” titled “Dr. Loewe’s Advisees.” 

screenshot of Drew Loewe's Canvas page for advisees

That Canvas site contains modules that give you up-to-date information about registration, graduation, campus resources, policies, etc. Please make sure that you know about the new gen ed that rolls out in FA18 as well as the ENGW–>WRIT transition already in progress. You will want to be sure that you are following a degree plan for the Writing and Rhetoric major for your specialization. TIP: sort by name to bring the Writing and Rhetoric degree plans to the top of the list.

screenshot of Box folder sorting function

Step 3: Review the Registrar’s Information on Course Schedules and Registration Plans.

screenshot of registrar's page on banner xe

Browse the available courses. Try to aim for a mix of general-education, elective, and major/minor required courses as you plan your upcoming semester. Also be prepared to discuss your current plan for which particular semester you will graduate.

Step 4: Bring your plan for courses (preferred, backup) to our meeting in Sorin 102.

Taking Courses Off-Campus

If you plan to take a course at ACC, please read the course equivalency guide first. You will have to complete an off-campus course approval form, which you can find here. When you complete your off-campus course, be sure to have the transcript sent to the St. Edward’s University Registrar. I’m told that you will have a much easier time getting your transcript from ACC if you request it in person.