**NEW** We’re Moving From EdWeb to myHilltop (Banner)

  • We have a new registration and data system called myHilltop from the folks at Banner. It replaces EdWeb. Please read and follow the directions in the School of Humanities email you got in Week 10.

Preparing for Advising Appointment

I want our advising time together to be productive and I want to clear you to register without delays. For those things to happen, you must prepare for your advising appointment. Please follow these steps so that I can clear you to register:

1. Schedule an appointment with me online (link is live during each semester’s advising period)

2. Read the School of Humanities Advising page, including the FAQs.

3. Download and fill out the Advising Form (Make sure that you can print what you type on it; that’s been a technological problem in the past. You may need to just fill it out by hand).

4. Bring the completed form to your appointment. If you do not bring the completed form to the appointment, the appointment cannot proceed.

Here is some advice on completing the form:

  • Review your degree plan for your specific track in the ENGW major. Which courses have you completed? Which do you still need to complete? Remember that each student needs 120 total hours to graduate. Graduating seniors: Registration for GDCT 4000.04 is required.
  • Find your applicable St. Edward’s Undergraduate Bulletin and make a list of courses that you need to complete (general education, elective, and major).
  • Search the course offerings for next semester and make a list of courses you want to take. Remember that not all courses are offered every semester or every year; moreover, many major and general education courses have pre- or co-requisites. For example, these are some general education prerequisites that may affect you:
    • CULF 1320 is a prerequisite for CULF 2321
    • CULF 2321 is a prerequisite for CULF 3330
    • CULF 3330 is a prerequisite for CULF 3331
    • CULF 2321 and Ethics are required for CAPS 4360.
  • Aim for a balance of general education, elective, and major courses.
  • Make a tentative weekly schedule, keeping in mind all your commitments such as work, clubs, athletics, internships, student government, etc.

Taking Courses Off-Campus

If you plan to take a course at ACC, please read the course equivalency guide first. You will have to complete an off-campus course approval form, which you can find here. When you complete your off-campus course, be sure to have the transcript sent to the St. Edward’s University Registrar. I’m told that you will have a much easier time getting your transcript from ACC if you request it in person.

Additionally, please be aware that SCIE 2320: Science in Perspective must be taken on-campus.

Studying Abroad

If you are interested in study abroad opportunities, please contact the Office of International Education for deadlines, requirements, and prep work. The Office of International Education’s web page maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

New Graduation Process [as of 2012, so not exactly "new" anymore]

Essentially, the University has consolidated all graduation ceremonies into one Spring graduation event.  All students who will complete graduation requirements in the summer and fall will still be required to register for GDCT 4000.04.

However, summer graduates wishing to “walk” in the previous spring may fill out the Graduation Ceremony Participation Request found on the Registrar’s website.